Magic of winter with huskies


Natural horseback riding in the arctic forest


One mind with a wolf, same soul with a horse. We are all sisters and brothers shareing the wild spirit of the arctic. 


Our horses are northern breeds; Icelandic horses, Norwegian fjordings and Jakutia Wild horse. Soon Mustangs will come to the north and make everything even wilder!  

See more pictures and information about our horses in Arktiset hevoset.

 A wolf ones started, a long long time ago, a friendship with human. That relation made the dogs we have today. Wolves gave us a very special gift that changed our world forever.

The truth of mushing is else than is told. We all should give our best for Huskies. It is our responsibility. Life of wild animals is priceless. So is our animals life. They are free to follow they heart's, free to enjoy of life. And we are loud to follow them! Let us to tell you the truth about sleddoglife and mushing. We do all this from our heart's. Our spirit runs with wolves and wild horses, being one with nature.

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Our answers normally takes several days, we are always outside with animals without phones.

This winter is already full booked. Thank you for everyone of interest in our sleddog world.


See our fairytale videos where you can meet us and our amazing huskies:





Horseback archery


Arctic love

Have a courage to follow your heart. It will take you on the top of the mountains.