Magic of winter with huskies


Natural horseback riding in the arctic forest


Shaman horsewhispering


One mind with a wolf, same soul with a horse. We are all sisters and brothers shareing the wild spirit of the arctic.


We are all looking for an adveture, to live an amazing life. This is not tourism.


A wolf ones started, a long long time ago, a friendship with human. That relation made the dogs we have today. Wolves gave us a very special gift that changed our world forever.


Magic of Mushing 

Welcome to visit our Arctic sleddoglife and share magic of mushing with us. We do all sleddogging with our heart's, with great knowledge and wisdoms of Mushing. Huskies are full of happiness, full of power of life. We would be happy to show this amazing life with huskies for you! Our huskysledding is fysical and needs skills to survive in arctic nature. This is sport, great adventures. Everyone who participate needs to be strong, healthy and ready for action!

Let the adventure begin!

We are also renting here the Wolf lodge for brave visitors. It is in the middle of nature, offgrid without electricity or running water. And it is very beautifull and full of spirit of nature!

Prices for the Wolf lodge are 150e/ a day, 1000e/ a week

 Arctic Nature Camps

We are hoping to find a balance between human and nature. Animals are good teachers to be one with the beautifull world. Forget that you are human and start to be what nature ment us to be. Our nature camps helps Earth to have people on it, helps animals to trust us, helps us to be happy. We will teach you that you can do everything. Dream big and dare to fail.

Next camps will be in November 2018.

Welcome to join our fairytale!

These camps are for those who see the world as great challenge and are ready to challenge themselves. To participate needs to have the courage in heart,  good fysical condition and will to respect the nature and to be worthfull for nature. This is not for everyone.  

About mushing

Huskies are big part of the Arctic beauty. All Nature is amazing and it’s power is  

marvelous. In arctic sleddoglife we can be part of that all. We can live in harmony  

with Nature and have the peace of wilderness all around us.

But we must protect it. We need to keep huskysledding real. Let us do so with you  

together. Big tourism and business world have nothing to do in nature. We keep our  

way of life natural and Huskies are letting us to be one with the beautifull world.

All huskysledding should always be, what it once was, natural way to trek in the 

arctic nature and share the life with huskies.

Our horse breeds; Mustangs, Icelandic horses, Norwegian fjordings, Quarter horse and Jakutia Wild horse.  

See more pictures and information about our horses in "Arctic horses".

 A wolf ones started, a long long time ago, a friendship with human. That relation made the dogs we have today. Wolves gave us a very special gift that changed our world forever.

The truth of mushing is else than is told. We all should give our best for Huskies. It is our responsibility. Life of wild animals is priceless. So is our animals life. They are free to follow they heart's, free to enjoy of life. And we are allowed to follow them! Let us tell you the truth about sleddoglife and mushing. We do all this from our heart's. Our spirit runs with wolves and wild horses, being one with nature.

For more contact us

I will be happy to tell you about amazing life with wolves and horses

I will be happy to tell you about real mushing with alaskanhuskies

Our answers normally takes several days, we are always outside with animals without phones. 


See our fairytale videos where you can meet us and our amazing huskies:


Alaskan Huskies




Horseback archery


Arctic love

Have the courage to follow your heart. It will take you on the top of the mountains.