Wild Horses, Mustangs!!

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This is Luna, the first Mustang coming from the Wild in Finland. She been now with us over the one year. Life together with her been the great mystic miracle! Luna has taught us so much about horses, about their beautiful heart and sensitive soul. Time with her been so full of Magic that it is hard to believe this all is really true!!

Now we already own 6 Mustangs. The next Mustang from the Wild, Taifuun, came to us one month ago. He is from South Steens HMA in Oregon. His trust and calm spirit suprised us and made a great impression. That is amazing how super good horses Mustangs are!! They don't actually worry about anything when they ones have learnt to trust. Three of our Mustangs are Kigers, the young stallion K's Rock "Pegasus", the only half years old Frejes Tatiana from lovely breeder Jessica Monasdotter and super great horse from Jessica as well, KMS Silver Bullet. One of our Mustangs, the third from the Wild coming, Silver Frost from Salt Wells HMA in Wyoming, is still in USA. Hi is not tamed yet and his training has just started. He will come home at next September.

KMS Silver Bullet from Jessica Monasdotter. Wow!!

Silver with his Family, Luna and Tatiana

This lovely baby is Tatiana! Her mother "Tasa" Viva la Raza, Kiger mare of Jessica, came from USA in the same airplane with Luna and Tasa was already in foal with Tatiana. Tatianas father is Kiger Mustang stallion Patron coming from the Wild.

Pegasus flying


Sweet young Taifuun in holding facility South Steens waiting to get adopted. Now he is here with us!

This is Mimosa, coming home to us next summer!!

Silver Fost, still in USA. Comes to us next Autumn!

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