Day Sled Dog Trips

~3 hours Mushing 180€ per person when 2people in one sledge. This activity is possible also during off snow season when visitors can join Alaskanhuskies training run with guide in same team. When travelling as passenger in guide's team, price is 280€ per person.

~4 hours Mushing 250€ per person when two persons share one team of 7-8 Dogs

~5-6 hours Mushing experience 360€ including expedition lunch outside. Two persons in same sledge.


Multi Days Mushing experience

2 days, including one night 700€ per person

3 days, including two nights 950€ per person

4 days, including three nights 1200€ pp

5 days, including four nights 1450€ pp

Multi day experiences are not including meals, you can prepare your own expedition meals and head out for this marvelous real adventure with us and our Huskies into the Wilderness.

Accomodation happens in our place to give Dogs good warm and well deserved rest in safe and dry place. Only in several cases we sleep outside in tents, normally trips comes daily back to the Huskies home. Ask for tent trip too if you are real outdoor person!

Huskies loves running. We only needt to feel good, keep dogss safe and give them the best dog care.

Look our video of Mushing    youtub

 Magic of Mushing

Our huskysledding is located in Northern Lappland of Finland, in the wilderness of Muotkatunturi, Inari. This is one of the most remote places in Europe. No people, gorgeus peaceful Nature.

See our beautiful life in this video:

Welcome to visit our Arctic sleddoglife and share magic of mushing with us. We do all for real, with great knowledge and experience of Mushing.

Huskies are full of happiness, full of power of life. We would be happy to show this amazing life with huskies for you! Our Sled Dog Sport is fysical and needs skills to survive in arctic nature. This is sport, great adventures. Everyone who participate needs to be strong, healthy and ready for action! Only for the outdoor people. 

Let the adventure begin!

We are also renting here the Wolf lodge for brave visitors. It is in the middle of nature, offgrid without electricity or running water. And it is very beautifull and full of spirit of nature! You need to have fire handling skills to stay here because house needs to be warmed up by visitors themselves with fire in stove inside. It is fun only if you want to do it and know how to do it.


Bank information for the booking payments

You can book from us by email and once we have your payment of the trip, your booking is confirmed.

All payments will be used for the wellness and health of our animals. You Can always ofcourse just support with donation by sending it to our bank account. Thank you!

Account holder: Tinja Myllykangas IBAN: FI5613985000262847 BIC: NDEAFIHH

Cancellation fees: Cancellation within 0 -7 days before arriving 100% of price Cancellation within 8 - 21 days before arriving 75% of price Cancellation within 22 - 56 days before arriving 50% of price.The payment is the conformation of the booking.



2days Mushing 

Experience the North with Huskies for two days and spend the night in our romantic off grid Wolflodge. This experience takes you to the magic of Mushing and makes you to believe in Miracles. Price is 700e per person. Check the dates from us by email and make the booking with the payment.


Wilderness area of Muotkatunturi


 5 days program

Silence, beauty, spirit of nature and huskies. 5 days to experience arctic sledgedoglife. For adventural and sporty people. Day 1. Training day, learning all the important things about mushing and dogs. Running with huskies about 16-25km. Day 2. Mushing 30-50km. Day 3 and 4 Over the night trip in the wilderness. Day 5. Something special about mushing.

During the evenings always possibility for horse programs in the deep snow (when not out for camping). We live here offgrid life. You need to take care of warming up your cabin (Wolflodge) by yourself, bring your food and selfcooking, carry the water from river etc. Ofcourse we are here to help and guide you but idea is to find right people who would love this kind of lifestyle, just like we do :)

Price 1450e per person.

Extra nights at Wolflodge cost 150e/ a cabin. It is really beautiful wilderness cabin with good sauna. Fits max. 4 persons.

The closest airport is in Ivalo, 65km from us. From the airport it is easiest to come by airport-taxi or rent a car.

Teemme aidosti sitä mitä elämme, koirat ovat etusijalla kaikessa ja menemme niiden ehdoilla. Osallistujien tulee olla seikkailijoita, fyysisesti hyväkuntoisia ja lahjakkaita, omata selviytymistaidot luonnossa ja olla valmiita toimimaan haastavissa tilanteissa. Ja tottakai eläinrakkaus täytyy myös löytyä osallistujien sydämestä :)