Our Sleddogs are Alaskanhusky lines from Alaska.

Alaskanhusky is the best long distance runner on earth.

We brought 4 females from Mitch Seavey some years ago from Alaska and now those Dogs has many grown up puppies also running in our teams. Tinja is mainly running with female Dogs and Alex with males. We both run big teams, 14-16 Alaskan huskies.

For visitors it is possible to give Dogs in their teams according their knowledge and skills, 6-10 Dogs in one team. More Dogs in team, less work for invidual Dog to pull, but less experience of Mushers makes teams smaller and musher can help the Dogs by kicking speed and by running all uphills.



Lead Dogs: Shila, Nuoli, Nietos, Creek, Platinum, Gold, Denali, Quick Silver, Mae

Team Dogs: Yura, Lead, Suotar, Soturi, Nilaq, Nulato


Lead Dogs; Mauja, Silla, Ulva, Hanki, Myrsky, Galena, Cobalt

 Team Dogs; Yukon, Voima, Susitna, Skwentna, Kotka, Takotna, Ilves, Panthera, Tartok, River


We also have many super cute puppies!


Dogs for visitors are some of our main team Dogs but also younger ones and older ones who aren't racing.

Main team Dogs participate during the winter also several ultra marathon races example Finnmarksløpet. These Dogs are amazing top level runners.





We also have our own bred Huskies and Horses for sale. Huskies are about 1000€ & Horses 10000€


See the video from us, made by Luhta YouTube

Sleddogs are like Nature. Unique, beautifull, energy, like Mother Nature ment it to be: Wild, free, happy and  powerful. Some of sleddogs living far away from people don't trust new people easily. Because sometimes new people are not having enough experience with animals or they are little bit scared. We help people to trust animals more and we are also teaching all kind of visitors to have beautiful relationship with animals. This is art of being lovely.



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Our answers normally takes several days, we are always outside with animals without phones. 


Some of our older videos (these Websites are little bit old, new ones are coming soon:) )

Winter  https://youtu.be/f1_SrolDvQk

Alaskan Huskies

Puppies   https://youtu.be/tN2nrC7W7QM

Summer youtu.be/mYvZ5DJdW5k

Autumn  www.youtube.com/watch

Horseback archery  https://youtu.be/RRiJYyB_xzc


Have the courage to follow your heart. It will take you far.