Our Sleddogs are mainly Alaskanhusky lines from Alaska.

We brought 4 females from Mitch Seavey some years ago from Alaska.


pic Tytti Käyhkö

Wolves gave dogs for the human. It is an amazing gift from the Earth. With Huskies we can be part of the nature, share its mystic spirit, happiness and peace. We highly respect this nature around us and it's Life. This land doesn't belong for anyone. It is us who belongs to this land.

Wolves have beautiful familylife. People can learn about it more love, more trust, more respect. And our teachers are just next by to us, our best friends, the Dogs!

Welcome to visit our Arctic sleddoglife and share magic of mushing with us. We do all sleddogging with our heart's, with great knowledge and wisdoms of Mushing. 

 Arctic Nature Camps

We are hoping to find a balance between human and nature. Animals are good teachers to be one with the beautifull world. Forget that you are human and start to be what nature ment us to be. Our nature camps helps Earth to have people on it, helps animals to trust us, helps us to be happy. We will teach you that you can do everything. Dream big and dare to fail.

Welcome to join our fairytale!

These camps are for those who see the world as great challenge and are ready to challenge themselves. To participate needs to have the courage in heart,  good fysical condition and will to respect the nature and to be worthfull for nature. This is not for everyone.  


About mushing

Huskies are big part of the Arctic beauty. All Nature is amazing and it’s power is marvelous. In arctic sleddoglife we can be part of that all. We can live in harmony with Nature and have the peace of wilderness all around us.But we must protect it. We need to keep huskysledding real. Let us do so with you together. Big tourism and business world have nothing to do in nature. We keep our way of life natural and Huskies are letting us to be one with the beautifull world. All huskysledding should always be, what it once was, natural way to trek in the arctic nature and share the life with huskies.


For years we have been giving everything for our furry friends, the Amazing Huskies and Wolfhybrids. We been taking here the dogs who needs help. Shy Huskies, wild ones or dogs whose owners have problems.

Here in the middle of Nature peace surrounds everything. And we all can be happy and have a good Life.

You can help us to help these who needs help. You can adopt a Husky from us. You can adopt it with two ways. You can support our big work by sponsoring or you can adopt a Husky. The first one is easier and the second takes the rest of your life. Both opportunities cost 250e. 

We also have our own bred Huskies and Horses for Sale. They are truly beautiful and Gourgeus animals! Huskies are about 800e and Horses 8000e.

Me kaikki tarvitsemme toisiamme, olemme todella onnellisia yhdessä. En voisi koskaan kuvitellakkaan päivääkään ilman koiraystäviämme. Me kaikki merkitsemme toisillemme maailman eniten.

Etsimme kummeja auttamaan meitä tekemään koirien elämästä kanssamme maailman onnellisinta. Emme enää aja turisteja vaan vain muutamia retkiä talvessa seikkailijoiden kanssa. Näin koirat saavat aina olla sellaisissa käsissä jossa saavat sen kokemuksen ja turvallisuuden tunteen jonka jokainen koira ansaitsee. Nyt etsimme siis rahallista tukea kummiuden kautta esim. 20-50e/kk tekemään tästä mahdollista parhaimmalla mahdollisella tavalla koirien onneksi. Me annamme kaiken aikamme, rakkautemme ja elämämme koirillemme. Mutta se ei silti riitä rahallisesti kattamaan kaikkea ja siksi etsimme nyt kummeja auttamaan koiriamme.

Viikinki. Ivar the boneless.

Viikinki is son of Naava and Fausto. Naava is a beautiful Siberianhusky, Fausto super leader Alaskanhusky who has also won the third place in the world championship. Viikinki is like both of his parents, talented and gorgeos looking dog with amazing blue eyes. As a puppy he did a lot of climbing like a cat. He was our favorite puppy and we are very close with him. Ones when he was climbing, he fell down and he injured his back body badly. Vetenarians couldn't help him. But we didn't give up with hope and that made us to share many many amazing moments with this unique strong little boy. Luckily we also found some great healers who made miracles to help Viikinki to recover. Today Viikinki is the most amazing dog with the biggest happiness of life and with such a strong trust to us. Come to meet him!

See the video from us, made by Luhta YouTube

Sleddogs are like Nature. Unique, beautifull, something to protect to stay like Mother Nature ment it to be: Wild, free, happy and  powerful. Many of sleddogs don't trust new people easily anymore. Because sometimes new people are not having enough experience with animals, no enough experience of nature. But sleddogs are 100% worth of having that trust. Make sure you are able to be it if you like to do huskysledding anywhere in the world. Dogs comes from wolves. Ones human was strong and wise, A wolf wanted to became a friend with us. They gave us our dogs today. But how is the situation with a wolf and a human today? No longer good. Some hates wolves, many are fears. Why? Only because many people has lost the real understanding of life, the real happiness of being alive. Now wolves are no longer willing to be with many people. But what dog must do is still to follow a human. We want to be worth of our sleddogs trust, worth of their real love to live together with us. We do everything to make it happen. That is why we now tell not everyone should come for huskysledding. Only the people who are able to do it as sleddogs needs. For those who loved to do it but it is not smart, you can just suport our huskies life with other ways. One way is to support us with money.

Our bank information for it is

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Account holder: Tinja Myllykangas IBAN: FI5613985000262847 BIC: NDEAFIHH

Cancellation fees: Cancellation within 0 -7 days before arriving 100% of price Cancellation within 8 - 21 days before arriving 75% of price Cancellation within 22 - 56 days before arriving 50% of price. The payment is the conformation of the booking.   


The truth of mushing is else than is told in turism. We all should give our best for Huskies. It is our responsibility. Life of wild animals is priceless. So is our animals life. They are free to follow they heart's, free to enjoy of life. And we are allowed to follow them! Let us tell you the truth about sleddoglife and mushing. We do all this from our heart's. Our spirit runs with wolves and wild horses, being one with nature.

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I will be happy to tell you about amazing life with wolves and horses


I will be happy to tell you about real mushing with alaskanhuskies

Our answers normally takes several days, we are always outside with animals without phones. 


See our fairytale videos where you can meet us and our amazing huskies:

Winter  https://youtu.be/f1_SrolDvQk

Alaskan Huskies

Puppies   https://youtu.be/tN2nrC7W7QM

Summer youtu.be/mYvZ5DJdW5k

Autumn  www.youtube.com/watch

Horseback archery  https://youtu.be/RRiJYyB_xzc


Arctic love

Have the courage to follow your heart. It will take you on the top of the mountains.