BLM Mustang Luna

Luna is our very first BLM Mustang. She comes from Oregon, Beaty's Butte HMA and was born 2013, She was captured from the wild in November 2015. She moved to us 2017. Luna has taught us so much. About the kindness of all Horses, about the beautifull mind and heart they have. She has shown us the amazing way of Life. The balance with wildness and inner peace. The real Harmony of living together with Nature.

BLM Mustang Silver Frost, from Wyoming Salt Wells HMA, USA

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We have here living with us 5 BLM Mustangs from Wild, USA and several from not wild, One from USA and tee from Europe. On the moment we are waiting for one Mustang from Sweden, Elviva. To Make her coming possible we would need a little help. If you would like to be part of her coming Home please write for me!


BLM Mustang Cloud in holding facility. Luckily on the moment he is with us here in Home! Thank you everybody who helped his journey to us!!! 


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Elämä, luonto ja eläimet ovat aarteemme, onnemme, elämämme.